At YOGALAB we strive to bring you a diverse offering of workshops, special events and international guest teachers to educate and inspire you on your journey. From mind blowing sound experiences to the latest science on the human body and mind, YOGALAB brings the information to YOU! If you’re a yoga teacher we run continuing teacher education workshops to keep your teaching skills sharp and refined.

Saturday October 19th- The Heart of Hanuman with Adam Whiting

Join Adam Whiting for a 3-hour workshop where we’ll explore the inspiring tales of this divine monkey through story, song and sweat!
Hanuman is a relatively minor character in traditional texts but through his devotion and dedication to his dharma, he has won his way into the heart of modern yoga.
Be ready to take flight on your mat in a powerful and uplifting asana practice. We will flow, balance, invert and maybe even leap over an ocean or two in this class integrated with Kirtan and overflowing with community and heart. You will leave inspired and uplifted by Hanuman’s adventures and ready to live with his clarity and purpose.

Date: Saturday October 19th
Time: 11-2pm
Cost: $39 (members receive 10% discount)

Sunday October 20th- The Art of Advanced Cueing and Adjustments – A teachers workshop with Adam Whiting

As we grow to understand that this tradition of yoga is a living, breathing and evolving art form, we must also understand that the way that we practice and teach this craft also requires constant refinement and reevaluation.

In today’s culture, it is imperative that we understand how all aspects of our teaching effects the practice and the lives of our students. Our cueing needs to land with pinpoint accuracy and with the tempo, clarity and confidence that can clearly convey our message. And if we decide to use the medium of touch to further deepen the methods of communication, we have the responsibility to ensure that our touch is consensual and is truly needed for our students to deepen their experience of the practice. This is a heavy responsibility for teachers, but also one that does not need to hold us back. Instead, it can serve to clarify our message, meaning and the potency of our teaching.

In this teacher intensive, we will break down and investigate verbal cueing and physical adjustments so that we always have a clear “why” around the words that we are using and the physical touch that we are using. When we have established this clarity, we can burn away the excess and settle in to potent, powerful and transformational teaching.

All teachers are welcome to join in on the conversation!

Date: Sunday October 20th
Time: 11-3pm
Cost: $89 (Members receive 10% disc)

Monday October 21st- 2020 YOGALAB 200hr Vinyasa  Yoga Teacher Training information session

Whether you’re an aspiring teacher or just want to deepen your practice our 200hr Teacher Training Course may be the next step in your yoga journey!

Come join us for our teacher training information session. Led by senior teacher and course director Shawn Taylor, this night is for you to ask questions and get all of the information you need to decide if teacher training is right for you.

In this session you’ll get the scoop on everything you’ll learn, what to expect and hear stories from our recent
graduates about how yoga teacher training can transform not only YOUR life but the lives of countless others. If you’re feeling the pull or just want to plant a seed for the future come find out what it’s all about!

WHEN: Monday October 21st
TIME: 7:30PM (after Flow Frequency)
WHERE: YOGALAB 181a High St Fremantle
CONTACT: 0431 548 056
COST: Free!

Friday December 6th- The Kinetic Ascent: A Myofascial Meridian Sequenced Vinyasa Class with Dylan Werner

The Kinetic Ascent
Myofascial Meridian Sequenced Vinyasa Class
This is a dynamic vinyasa class guided through intelligent myofascial meridian sequencing to create a balance between antagonistic lines and self-balancing lines. We focus on stimulating and building fascial properties, increasing strength, and mobility to allow for growth, in a holistic approach that is safe and highly effective. We combine this with spatial awareness, balance, and full-range-of-motion movements to develop kinetic freedom. Ascend towards challenging arm balances and handstands, with options given to modify and play with along the way. This practice is more than just physical; uplift yourself while exploring the balance between the challenge for growth and space for depth.
(3-hour Vinyasa class) All Levels

Date: Friday December 6th
Time: 6-9pm
Cost: $39 (10% members discount)

Attend all 5 of Dylans workshops for only $199.75!

Saturday December 7th- Quest for the Press with Dylan Werner

Quest for the Press
Without guidance or proper technique, pressing to handstand can feel like an impossible journey, but when alignment, balance, strength, and technique come together, the press handstand can feel effortless. The workshop begins with focused and intense conditioning drills that are necessary for a successful press to handstand, and will also dramatically improve your freestanding handstand. We will cover through lecture and highly specific drills, with and without partners, on how to understand the sensations of pressing, weight distribution, pelvic movement, and lift that will later make you successful in your handstand press. We will also cover other advanced transitions, such as lift and lowers from crow to handstand, crane to handstand, and eka pada koundinyasana to handstand.
(3.5 Hour Workshop) Intermediate/Advanced

Date: Saturday Dec 7th
Time: 11-2:30pm
Cost: $49 (10% members discount)

Attend all 5 of Dylans workshops for only $199.75!

Saturday December 7th- The Physiology of Flexibility  with Dylan Werner

The Physiology of Flexibility
To understand how to increase your flexibility safely and effectively can be very challenging; not because the concepts are difficult to understand, but because many factors contribute to flexibility. This workshop will help you understand how to maximize your efforts. During the course, we will weave through lecture and practice to understand what the myofascia is and its qualities, such as elasticity, viscoelasticity (slow and fast properties), plasticity, glide, and remodeling, and how our genetics play a significant roll in our flexibility. We will move through the physiology and practice of active and passive stretching, monoarticular and polyarticular stretching, and end range neuromuscular activation. The workshop is highly informative and will open the mind and the body to the complexities of flexibility.
(3.5-hour workshop) All Levels

Date: Saturday Dec 7th
Time: 4:30-8pm
Cost: $49 (10% members discount)

Attend all 5 of Dylans workshops for only $199.75!

Sunday December 8th- Prana Deep Dive with Dylan Werner

Prana Deep Dive
Dive deep into meditative breath and movement through the profound journey of a prana-focused practice. This workshop begins with an energic sequenced pranayama breath flow. Then through in-depth lecture, we will explore the techniques and benefits of pranayama with a deep focus on Kumbhaka (breath retention) concentrating on both the western physiological and anatomical properties as well as the eastern more spiritual, meditative qualities of the practice. We then combine these two practices as we move through the mudras of the prana vayus in a profoundly energetic flow that melds breath retention to movement. The workshop then dives deeper, submerging into stretches that focus on expanding the mind and the myofascial meridians. When we combine this specific style of breath retention with active stretching, it allows us to surrender into the sympathetic nervous system while increasing our range of motion, promoting joint health and nervous system function while benefiting from our kumbhaka pranayama. This workshop is a powerful introspective journey that will plunge us into a deep meditative state of well-being.
(3.5 Hour Workshop) All Levels

Date: Sunday Dec 8th
Time: 11-2:30 pm
Cost: $49 (10% members discount)

Attend all 5 of Dylans workshops for only $199.75!

Sunday December 8th- Enlightened: A Meditation Workshop with Dylan Werner

(A meditation workshop)
Meditation is a process of transforming the mind to develop concentration, clarity, emotional positivity, and equanimity to understand our true nature by moving from a place of effort into a space of ease in the present moment. The meditation practice can take many paths to find the same goal through very different styles, methodologies, and lineages. This workshop covers several various forms of meditation, such as traditional Buddhist meditation like zazen, samatha, and vipassana to relatively more modern meditation techniques such as heart rhythm meditation and transcendental meditation. We’ll look at the differences and similarities of these methodologies, understand the benefits and why to practice these different meditation techniques, and learn how to apply these approaches to our meditation practice. Most of the workshop is a lecture with short meditation practices of the various methods.
(3.5 Hour Workshop) All-levels

Date: Sunday Dec 8th
Time: 4:30-8 pm
Cost: $49 (10% members discount)

Attend all 5 of Dylans workshops for only $199.75!

THURSDAY FEBRUARY 7th – 2020  YOGALAB 200HR Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training – Enroll Now!

Enrollment is now open for our 2020 Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Course! Are you ready to go on a life changing journey? Our part time course runs over 2 months and begins in February. Come join us for our first Teacher Training information session on Monday July 29th at 7:30 ( Just after Flow Frequency). This free session is here to answer all of your questions to see if YTT is the next step in your journey. Hear stories from our most recent graduates who are already out there sharing their passion for yoga with the world!