Power Vinyasa-open level

Power Vinyasa Open level aka Cosmic Horsepower. Get your heart rate up in this challenging,  breath-driven, dynamic and flowing class. Designed to get you out of your head and into your potential. All aspects of the Vinyasa practice will be examined from the philosophical to the anatomical. Feel your breath (pranayama),  hone your focus (drishti) and create joint mobility and stability (bandha). Venture into arm balancing and inversions. This open level class is the doorway to building incredible strength, developing an equanimous mind and leaves you ready to take on the world! If you’re brand new to yoga, start with a few Techniques classes to get the basics and then join in!

Room temp- Heated ( 28 degrees )

Flow Frequency

Everything in the universe vibrates, from light to sound to human beings. Flow frequency is a High Vibes Yoga Experience that is a celebration of sound, movement and freedom all while bathed in a mind expanding sonic soundscape where nothing is off limits! Ceremonial grade Asana that begins with breathwork, centering and mind expansion to prepare for the journey.  Expect ancient future sequences and fluid movement, hoots, hollers and beaming smiles! Tap into your flow and raise your vibration with our state of the art sound system with a frequency range of 27Hz to 18kHz.

Room temp – Heated ( 28 degrees )


Study the more elusive and subtle energies of your body through the Yin practice. Yin yoga focuses on the avascular non-contractile tissues of the body.  Get grounded through gravity and time. In these longer held asanas the connective tissue, myofascial lines, tendons and ligaments are all stimulated to promote a vibrant, healthy and balanced skeletal structure. With a strong emphasis on conscious breath and mindfulness, yin plunges deep into inner space to bring you back to a blissful state of connectedness. Yin balances the Yang and one without the other is incomplete.

We provide bolsters, blocks, straps and wool blankets

Room temp – Non Heated

Slow Mo Flow

In Slow Mo Flow we stretch time. By moving slower through this class the experience shifts into the macro movements of your body. This trains balance, builds strength and develops precise control over your anatomical movements. When we slow down we feel more, think less and practice being fully immersed in the moment. Don’t let the slow pace fool you, this class will challenge your foundation by forcing you to slow down – this is an absolute necessity in a digital age that moves at the speed of light. Get grounded, feel powerful and see life from the slow lane! 

Room temp – Non Heated


This slower moving class is all in the name-Techniques. This alignment based class breaks down the fundamentals of Vinyasa Yoga. Feel your breath, develop your focus and stability, experience weight distribution and learn Tadasana alignment- this is the holy grail for an effective, strong and sustainable practice. This is the best class for beginners. Even for students with experience, Technique’s is an incredible way to polish what you already have so you can take your practice to the next level. If you’re going to build a foundation, why not build something that can support a skyscraper?!

Room temp – Non Heated

Pranayama & Meditation

This class focuses on two things- stillness and breath. This is the cornerstone of the yoga practice. It is here you will be introduced to a deeper level of conscious yogic breath control. Pranayama is the 4th Branch on the Eight limbed tree of Patanjalis Ashtanga yoga system. It is the key to unlocking cosmic horsepower and focusing the mind through sustained, restrained, controlled and rhythmic breath patterns. In this 45minute session we begin simply and slowly progress into the deeper realms of inner space. Slow down. Connect. Shift frequencies. Be prepared for an incredibly grounding and stimulating practice that takes you straight into the heart of your vital energy.

Room temp- Non Heated

Advanced Physics

This is a class that studies the further edges of the physical practice. This is an inspiration session that guides you out of your comfort zone to show you what’s possible. Expect advanced sequencing, handstands, arm balances and inversions. Open to solid intermediate students looking to evolve into advanced asana, this where another door in the lab gets opened. This playful yet challenging class is lead in a workshop format where questions are encouraged. The pathway is there, all you need to do is walk it! This once monthly class takes place on the last Wednesday of each month, 90 minutes 12:15 to 1:45pm

Room temp- Non Heated